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Market, Cut Costs, Improve Service, Grow, Survive this Challenging Economy

FireCat produces the marketing tools you need at a price you can afford.

We deliver the same, or superior, level of service and quality as agencies charging significantly more.

Low overhead, a strong team, and motivational quality-of-life incentives power this committment.

FireCat's core team is endowed with enterprise-level project management and production expertise in managing sub-contracted collections of artists, programmers, writers and editors. Our use of tested, vetted, contract labor reduces unnecessary overhead while keeping critical marketing, branding, and content production in-house to cultivate maximum yield for your marketing dollars.

This efficient structure results in lower capital investments while maximizing results where they count most: connecting you with customers, motivating sales, and staying profitable. To achieve these ends, FireCat's production philosophy places the emphasis where it should be: On creating effective content. Technical labor costs serve this end and are minimized via our experienced management of vetted, contract staff.

FireCat understands this difficult recessionary economy. We know how to, and can help you market through it. We realize you must cut costs, cut payroll, cut pork, while maintaining sales. To do so, you must stretch your marketing dollar.

Stretch it with FireCat. We're lean and experienced; practiced in efficient, ethical service; and ready to partner, weather this storm, and prosper. You invest the least amount needed to achieve your goals, nothing more; your overhead is greatly reduced.

We study and learn your business. We work with your team; we work like crazy understanding and marketing your products. Our experienced project managers help you achieve constrained but imperative goals.

We serve all budgets and businesses from small to medium enterprises.

"For small and medium sized business what kind of steps can we be taking in this tumultuous climate to make sure that our businesses are going to be secure for the long term? "

This MSNBC Your Business clip offers useful suggestions: